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A career that started in animation, shifting into language and developmental education, before returning to the field of design and illustration; mine is a comparatively unconventional story. With it comes not only a seasoned enthusiasm for personal design aspirations, but the desire to help bring others' ideas to life with those very same skills.

I've had the opportunity to work for the likes of Neill Blomkamp and Oats StudioMarvelScrewfly StudiosDouble Damage Games and a number of tabletop RPG projects such as Salvage Union, ECOPUNK, Spectres of Brocken and more.

With proficiency in a number of industry standard raster and vector applications, including Adobe products, as well as a growing enthusiasm for 3D -- particularly in relation to 3D printing and physical model production -- I am always looking to improve my skills.


As a Graphic Design graduate of the Australian Pacific College Design School,  my mix of industry accreditation, self-taught skills and life experiences offer something unique to any project. 

I'm an Australian expat living in southern Japan, married with three children. 

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