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Terms & Conditions

1.  Any commission requires an initial 40% payment of agreed project fee, with the remaining 60% payment to be delivered upon completion of agreed commission and contract. 

2.  Payment is in USD, and via Payoneer. Invoices will be sent via Payoneer with an attached invoice for client benefit. When paying for services, please select 'recipient' in regards to processing fees. That ensures ACiD Concepts covers all subsequent fees incurred via international transactions. 

As ACiD Concepts is based in Japan and Paypal endures high processing fees in this country, we apologise for any inconvenience. Payoneer is used to avoid any further client inconvenience. 

4.  Due to moral and ecological concerns, no art will be produced for any blockchain or NFT schemes

5.  All client information supplied to ACiD Concepts is regarded as confidential and will not be shared or stored beyond the consultation stage, unless otherwise specified otherwise during consultation.

6.  Upon conclusion of client projects, the client thereafter retains copyright over produced artwork and/or designs, unless specified otherwise during consultation.



Thanks for your interest! Will be in touch ASAP

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