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Re: Thank you for your inquiry

To: Siobhan Welsham []

From: Belinda Hoosey []

Subject: Thank you for your inquiry

Attachments: cgkmrs-order.udf, cgkmrs-blueprint.udf

Hi Siobhan,

Great to hear from you, and am hugely appreciative of your interest in what we do.

I'm happy to say, our archives contained something that just might be a piece of the puzzle. After receiving the partial registration information you were able to provide, I managed to track down an order form, which suggested certain engine elements were fitted or replaced at Grassy on King Island in '42. I've included a copy of the order form, please find attached.

I ran a few of those numbers and keywords through the database, and luckily caught something. Please also find attached a service or design blueprint for an ACV, whose parts appear to share the same or similar manufacturing serials mentioned above. I don't think I've seen anything quite like it before, so the plot thickens!

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need anything else, will be only too happy to oblige.




Belinda Hoosey

Cape Grim / Kenaook Maritime Restoration Society

I've spent a few years quietly chipping away at a Utopian speculative fiction idea, built on the back of pre- and post-Federation industry from the Homeland. Lots of little angles, focused on a more optimistic and hopeful future, lashed together with oodles of nostalgia and homesickness. Who knows what it will become, but given how long the concept has lingered in my head, something has seemingly, powerfully taken root. Entries such as the one above are not the real format, but morsels to help massage the world into being.

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